Contents of Audit report

What is Auditing

Report Contents and Notes(introduction to auditing) and what is the purpose of an audit report

The basic fundamentals of an unchanged audit report, as given in ISA 700 (modify), are as follows:

·        Heading

·        Receive

·        Auditor‘s estimation

·        Basis for estimation

·        Going anxiety

·        Key Audit stuff

·        Extra information

·        Answerable for the monetary statements

·        Auditor‘s Answerable for the audit of monetary statements

·        Other exposure Answerable (if any)

·        Name of the appointment Partner

·        Auditor‘s name

·        Auditor‘s address.

·        Date of the audit description

 These fundamentals are planned to attain the objectives of ISA 700 (Revised), which are for the auditor to

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